Ten Years

Actually, over ten years. That’s how long I’ve been online. Online in the sense of blogging, answering polls, posting pictures of my kids, and enjoying what my friends are sharing in their lives. Let’s keep this short and say I started out by joining Tupperware, which quickly morphed into wanting to sell online, which led me to the work at home mom community and the idea of selling something else, ie not necessarily plasticware.

Over the years we’ve moved (alot), but luckily for me I was only ever sold on two different home based businesses and neither really went anywhere. I say luckily for me because I know that home based businesses can sometimes sell a person on being able to make easy money and sometimes a person sold on that idea can sink a lot of their own money into something before they see a profit.

Another luckily for me thing is that I found Kelly McCausey and through her Alice Seba, two women who have done amazing things in the wah community and beyond. I learned affiliate sales through them, as well as how to blog better, focus, and podcasting. I love podcasting but only had my own for a handful of episodes before stopping. I revamped this website to give myself an outlet for business, to see what it looks like to restart something after a break, to restart something after knowing what and how to do something, and to hopefully help others along the way.

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